Hand Made

If you want to stand out with your business, you should try as much as possible to make it hand made; of course business systems need to be followed, because they provide the efficiency with which you can make your hand made products; they allow you to make your products more often and more consistently.

When I say hand made, I mean it isn’t cookie cutter like everything else in the market place.

When you see hand made, you think time, effort, care, patience, love and giving a shit.

If you’re an employee, doing the minimum to do your job, to get the task done to specification, that is what is expected, at the very least. Hence why it is called the minimum. But if you treat your work like it’s hand made, then it’s valuable to someone; really, we’re selling all our work to someone (even if it’s just your boss).

So if you’re the boss (or a manager), and you have a business full of people who do the minimum, what type of business do you think you have in the marketplace, assuming of course, you’re not first into the marketplace?

What if you encouraged, while following the business processes, everyone to treat their work as if it were hand made; to bring time, effort, care, patience, love and giving a shit to the work?

What type of business would you have in the marketplace then?

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