Making Hand Made

Telling an employee or a business to make their product hand made is easy.

By hand made, I mean selling a product that clearly has been made with time, effort, care, patience and love.

As a small business, making a product by hand is a much easier process. You can put in the time and effort to provide a product with more of these attributes. The business is agile and can make changes quickly.

So what if you’re in a big business? How do you put more into your product when you have set processes to follow to ensure consistent quality? How do you make your product hand made when you’re not in a position to influence a business’s product?

What you sell, the actual product, doesn’t need to be changed.

What needs to change, is you.

The passion you bring to selling the product, your knowledge of the product, the time spent helping the customer, the extra special touches you do for the customer.

None of these things are in the operation manual (the processes) because it is all individual. It all comes from you; from your heart, from your past.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m not paid to do that.

The people who do exactly as the operation manual says, are rewarded by being given more of the same. It turns out, that the operation manual was written so that anyone can do the job.

That means then, that you’re an anyone, and anyone’s get paid as little as possible to do the job to the minimum standard; to the operation manual standards.

So if you want to be someone, then you should do more than the anyone’s. People are rarely punished for doing more than expected, but there’s a good chance they will be rewarded.

As a boss/manager/business owner, you should encourage your employees to do more than required. You should encourage them to ask How can I add more value? Of course, you will need to start paying your someone’s more, but your customer’s will grow and pay more, because they are getting more value than they paid for.

Trying to stand out in the market, by encouraging your employees to do the minimum, is a sure fire way of ensuring you won’t stand out in the market.

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