So often we hear about passion.

Do what you’re passionate about….find your passion etc.

I’m of the belief that we can’t ALL do what we’re passionate about IF we define passion as something that gets you excited.

So I propose a different definition for passion.

What if, passion was simply caring.

Instead of doing the thing you’re passionate about, you bring your passion to the work. You care about the work.

How do you care about something that doesn’t overly excite you?

You do it as best as you can.

You look for ways to make it enjoyable.

You look for ways to get outside your comfort zone.

You do more than is expected.

An employer sets the standard of quality to do the work. Does that mean you can’t go above that?

I know, you don’t get paid for that right?

So if you don’t get paid to do more, but you’re not willing to do more (i.e. bring your passion), then how will you get paid more?

So if you can care more about the quality of the work, do more than expected AND bring your passion to the work, then isn’t there more chance you’ll be paid more.

You might even find you end up enjoying the work…

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