A relationship should be about challenge.

This is about the challenge.

Not the challenge of the relationship. That’s obvious. The idea of a relationship being easy is laughable. Why would you think a relationship would be any different from the rest of your life?

No, this is about the challenge from your partner.

I have found that the reason my partner and I have such a great relationship is because we challenge each other; to not be complacent, to do more, to become better.

Even ideas get challenged.

As a business owner, I have many ideas on many things. Some are great, others not so. My partner challenges me on those ideas.

I could take that as criticism (not cool) or as a challenge to see things differently (very cool).

Someone who just says “yes”, will not push you anywhere. Someone who pushes you to see your ideas from a different perspective is essential.

We don’t need people in our lives who agree with us, we need people in our lives who push us to become better.

If one person in a relationship is complacent, while the other strives for more, I fear the relationship will struggle. It would be better that both people in the relationship be complacent.

But both people pushing each other and striving to be better people for themselves and each other, in my opinion, that is the makings of something special.

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