Open and Swaying

Everyone has an opinion.

This is both a good and a bad thing.

Ask someone for their opinion, and you might have to put up with listening to something you don’t want to hear.

The issue is, some people like to share their opinion without you asking for it, that topic however, is for another time.

This is about being open to people’s opinions or being swayed by them

It’s important to listen to other people’s opinions for two reasons:

  1. Listening is a skill, and practicing it will help improve that skill, especially, if you’re listening to something you don’t agree with, and
  2. Someone may have something that can help.

Listening doesn’t cost you too much, except maybe some time, and if you’re asking someone for their opinion, I assume you have time to spare. But what they offer is a different point of view, which can help with that situation you have.

You might not agree with their opinion, and that’s ok. Listen anyway (refer to point 1. above). If you only get one thing from what they say, good. If the one thing you get is that your thought pattern is right, even better.

The real problem is (and I’ve been guilty of this before), asking for someone’s opinion, and being swayed by what they say instantly, like their opinion overwrites yours.

Stand for something, or fall for anything.

Your opinion and perspective are based on something. Even it’s been clouded by emotion, it is still worth something. Don’t just agree with every person you talk to.

It’s ok to change your opinion, but if it changes at every turn, then why are you asking for advice anyway?

If you don’t have a starting point, then it won’t matter what direction you end up going relative to where you started.

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