A Blueprint for Success

This isn’t the exact process to achieve success, but the title is provocative and attention grabbing and it’s a start. And a start, not surprisingly, is where we start.

Here is a 3 step process, broken into the basic components, I believe are required for success.

Step 1: Move

To start on your journey in pursuit of your passion, you must start. Obvious it seems, but so many people talk about starting something, but don’t actually do anything.

So to start, first you must move.

The direction isn’t important. The act of moving, is all that is required.

This step can be most easily equated to a baby learning. It does something which is incorrect, learns, and then tries again.

The baby isn’t worried about doing something wrong, it just does, and learns from the result. Recalibrates, and then moves again.

The direction isn’t important at the start as you learn and grow; the intention is the key.

Step 2: Move Safely

You’re moving, good.

Time to get a direction for that movement, otherwise, you’ll miss your target.

This is the time to be cautious but keep moving forward. You’ve made mistakes and corrected the course, so you need to focus on the goal and move towards it.

You’ll get pushed and pulled in all directions, get a flat tyre, run out of fuel, but you know the destination. It’s time to grow confident on the road with the other motorists surrounding you.

Step 3: Move Fast

So you’re moving, great!

So you know which direction you’re heading in, great!

Now, it’s time to go hard, and go fast.

Agile, mobile, hostile.

Does this mean, like all other steps, that there won’t be mistakes? Of course not, but when you know where you’re going, and you’ve been moving for a while, it’s time to get there as fast as you can. You’re confident, you probably have a support crew, and you’re resilient.

You’re also aware of your mortality. You know at any time, it can end, but that’s the same even if you weren’t risking this, so you might as well get there fast.

Move, Move Safely, Move Fast.

It seems easy enough, so why don’t more people do it?

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