How Long Are Relationships Meant to Last?

This question isn’t about relationships with partners.

This is about all the other relationships. Friends, family, clients.

We never (I hope) go into a relationship with a preconceived idea for how long it will last.

So conceivably, that relationship could go on forever.

Imagine how well you would know someone if you knew them forever?

Well now imagine if you had a client that stayed with you forever. Imagine the connection you would have with them; the lifetime value of the client would be the lifetime value of your business (which is forever hopefully, unless you sell it); you can only speculate on how much referred business you would receive.

So the question is, what is required to have any relationship forever? Generally, I believe it requires an emotional investment. You give a part of yourself, they give a part of themselves as well. That means, that like any relationship, you need to put in hard work and emotional labour to maintain this relationship.

Would a client stick around if you just offered services without anything extra? What happens when a competitor comes along with similar processes, similar results, but is cheaper? Would your client still be your client?

There will be heartbreaks along the way, there always is. But holding back because you might get your heart broken, will definitely lead to the relationship ending.

Putting in the emotional investment will mean that there is a chance the relationship might last forever.

Maybe giving the client, or anyone for that matter, more of yourself, would lead to that forever feeling.

Reading that back now, maybe this is about relationships with partners…

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