This Isn’t Perfect

This blog I’ve created isn’t perfect.
The blogs I’ve written are not perfect.
My relationships are not perfect.
My business is not perfect.

All of this imperfection is not only to be expected, but it is to be encouraged.

If I had waited for the perfect moment to start this blog, I wouldn’t have started it.
Yet here I am in this cafe writing this blog, and here you are reading this.

So much of what we want to do is based off the assumption we have about the amount of time we have on this planet.
We want holidays in the future; we will do that project when we have time.

It turns out, you’ll probably never have time.
Or money.
Or experience.

Yet, I am putting myself out there, investing a few moments each week to write this blog; investing less that $100 to create this project.
You can too.

Waiting for perfect is useless because it never comes.
Striving for perfect is useless, because it means you can not improve further.

There’s nothing left to it but to jump in and swim in the imperfection.

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