Presenting for Success

One thing that astonishes me about people who provide a service for someone else in business (which is everyone who has a job), is how little presentation is cared about.

As a former engineer, I understood the power of presenting well. I would write reports about equipment, which despite my efforts to describe dramatically and powerfully, were still just reports about equipment. To someone who really cares about that piece of equipment, that’s great. For everyone else, the report would be dry indeed.

So the last thing I wanted to do was make the report even harder to read. You know what I mean; font too small, spacing too narrow, different colours for every heading etc.

In other words, I understood that making the report look good would mean it would be more likely to be read.

Why do people put so much effort into something, only to leave the most obvious aspect of the service which they provide on the table?

This is about more than just reports. This is about everything we do.

Want to sell more units of a hybrid or electric car? Make it look good!

Want people to read your blog more often? Make it look good!

Want people to buy more books? Make it look good!

Presenting well doesn’t mean you focus solely on the presentation; it means you present as best as you can with the resources you have, in the timeframe available.

It means you care about all aspects of your service, not just the content.

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