Show Up, Turn Down

Showing up is difficult. It requires a commitment to becoming who you tell yourself you want to become.

Do not get confused by showing up and turning up.

An example of turning up, is what most people do when they go to work. They get to their office, on time, and do the minimum to get by. They clock punch.

There is nothing wrong with this; if you have a job that requires minimal commitment, and you get paid well, and you’re happy to sacrifice your time so cheaply, then keep turning up.

No showing up is different.

Showing up is getting to work early. It’s being there late. It’s caring about the quality of the work, for your client and your boss. It’s about bringing passion to the work. It’s about bringing yourself to the work.

There’s a big difference between the two. They’re like day and night.

Turning up is doing the minimum. Showing up is doing the maximum.

So what about turning down? What has that got to do with it?

Well turning down is about getting into the flow. It’s about not following the expectations set by others. It’s about believing wholeheartedly that what you’re bringing to your work is what everyone should bring to work. It’s about turning down the noise of the naysayers and doing more and being more. It’s about focus.

Wanting more requires you do more.

Showing up, is doing more than the average.

Turning down, is not listening to the average.

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