Just Like Riding a Bike

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression it’s just like riding a bike. If not, the idea behind it is that once you’ve learned how to ride a bike, you never forget. So the extension to that is, something you’ve just learned, you’ll never forget.

If you’ve experienced years between riding a bike, you’ll know the feeling. You could call it one of the basic skills of modern life.

But just because you still remember to ride a bike, doesn’t mean you’re good at doing it. It doesn’t mean you can immediately do the Tour de France.

So to become exceptional at riding your bike, you’d need to practice riding your bike, often. Such a basic skill, yet it still needs to be practiced.

So the question is, when can you move beyond a basic skill?

Well, firstly, you should at the very least be really good at that basic skill. How do you expect to be good at advanced techniques if you can’t do the basics good yet?

So if you need to practice something often to be exceptional at it, that would suggest you need to practice the basics often.

So remember, when in doubt, always go back to the basics.

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