Call to Arms

Below is the letter I wrote to my clients leading into Christmas; it is my way of expressing gratitude and setting the standard moving forward. My way of demanding excellence of myself and others:


If you’re reading this, I want to thank you, because it means after 1 year of being officially in business, you are my current clients. I say my, because as many of you know, things have changed at PEAK Strength & Nutrition, but more on this soon.

Just over 2 years ago I was made redundant from my position as a Reliability Engineer, working in the mining sector in the Hunter Valley. While that was disappointing, it was not a surprise. More importantly, it was the start of my current journey as a coach. With encouraging words from my partner Jenny, I chose to begin studying to become a coach, a decision I’m glad I took.

I say coach because I believe it is my job to push you in all areas of your life. A personal trainer, I think, is someone who helps people get fit. Well it turns out, that is the simple job; simple, but not easy. I would expect all personal trainers to help their clients get fit as a minimum. But as a coach, and generally in life, I don’t like the minimum. The minimum is pervasive in all areas of society; in fact almost everyone wants to get the maximum by doing the minimum. I don’t think that’s how life works.

So my role as a coach for you, is to help you get the maximum in all areas of life. I want to be the catalyst for you to achieve your goals; I use the gym and this training as an example of consistency, dedication, grit, endurance, toughness and overcoming challenge; an example that can easily be transferred to life.

Earlier in this letter, I used the term my to describe you as a client. This is because Nick and I have decided to part ways as business partners in the current model that is PEAK Strength & Nutrition. That business name will remain, but it will be used to train a different group of clients moving into the future; a venture Nick and I are both excited about. What does this mean for you then? Well, in the near future, you will become part of the new business I plan to setup to continue to provide you with my services. That name is still under wraps, and I plan to keep it that way until I launch a new training facility, in the first half of next year.

I tell you all this because obviously a change in business partners means a change in direction for the business. I truly appreciate everything Nick has done for you and myself; our parting is amicable and we will remain friends into the future, but this is an opportunity to infuse the business with my values and methodologies. As I’m sure you can appreciate, when partners are involved in business, there is always some form of compromise.

This means that moving forward, I am going to push you as an individual further. It is my job to do so; doing anything less would not be providing you with the quality service I believe everyone deserves. I refuse to provide you with just the minimum. I couldn’t live with myself if I did that because I refuse to settle for the minimum for myself.

I refuse to settle.

I wholeheartedly believe that our one chance at this life means we have to live with intention; a purpose to do more than just get to the finish line. We must try to become who we were born to be.

And so, this is my CALL TO ARMS for you.

Over the coming months, I will be asking more of you in the gym and out of it.

I will be asking you to look at your life honestly.

Asking you what you truly want from life.

Asking you if you’re a willing to become more.

This may sound scary; you might have fear and that’s ok. Anything that pushes us should be a bit scary, should be tough. This fear comes from the unknown, but it is also a byproduct of our society, which rewards us for being mediocre. I will be a contrast to this. I will ask more than society asks; I will demand excellence of you.

My focus over these next months is to provide you with the type of value that will start you on the journey. This family isn’t big, but it is committed, and special; especially to me. It will grow because I will continue to show up for you, giving you all that I can.

Growing for the sake of growth, for the sake of money, interests me very little. Making a real and definite difference in your life, that is the legacy I seek.

I want to give you all so much value, that you will shout about what we do to every person you meet.

Persistence will help it grow.

If you choose not to participate in the activities and requests I make of you moving forward, that is fine. All that I ask is that you continue to train as hard as you can while in the gym; you all have goals which still need to be achieved, and I believe 100% you can all achieve them. But realise, you are missing out on an opportunity to do more and be more.

Be aware that doing what the average majority do will get you what the average majority get. Average.

No, I refuse to be a part of the majority.

I refuse to settle for average.

I refuse to let life just happen to me.

And I refuse to let you do the same.

And so, as your coach, this is my line in the sand. My commitment to you to provide excellence.

My way of asking you to join me in demanding more.

No, this is my way of saying you will do and be more.


I am doing this because it is my responsibility to lead.


I am doing this because I believe in your power to become who you say you want to be.


I am doing this because I believe in you.


Marco Augusto

PEAK Strength & Nutrition

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