Drive-Thru Activism

Once upon a time, if you were passionate about a cause, you had to go out of your way to support it. That meant getting dressed, leaving your house and going to a rally or demonstration.

Or it may have meant signing a petition after a discussion with someone who knew more about the topic than you.

Now, I can hit a like button on a post that flashes up on Facebook. From the comfort of my own home, I can support a cause. If I’m really passionate about something, I might even share it for my friends to see.

But all of this can take at most, 60 seconds..

The ease with which you can support a cause is not directly related to how passionate you are about it.

But I do believe that the chance of a situation changing is directly related to the effort you (and others) put into it.

A crowd of 10,000 people walking and protesting sends a message; it shows you’re willing to go out of your way to fight for what you believe in.

A crowd of 30 million people hitting a like button means there are 30 million people who are looking to do the minimum amount of work to get the maximum amount of outcome.

That type of activism doesn’t inspire confidence, it just spreads awareness.

Awareness without action is just awareness.

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