Learning to Learn

School is quite interesting.

It is very good at teaching us facts about the world, which is useless with the advent of the phone and Google.

It teaches us how to get good grades on a standardised test, which is useless because life isn’t a series of standardised tests*.

It teaches us how to conform, fall in line, and do the minimum to get by so we can be rewarded.

In other words, it’s interesting because of the lack of interesting things you do at school.

What if we instead taught students how to learn. Students would learn how to learn.

Of course, people learn in different ways, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn different styles of learning, and learn which one works best for them.

The issue with this, is that students would think for themselves. They would probably even be innovative, intuitive and learn leadership skills.

This is all quite the issue when they become adults, because we want everyone to fall in line in all aspects of life.

Could you imagine owning a business that employed a lot of people who were intuitive and were leaders? This would be an issue, because it would make your business stand out from other businesses in the market.

What business owner would want to stand out in the market? The concept it absurd really….

*I understand there needs to be some form of testing to gauge the progress and improvement of a student.

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