Let’s Talk About Resistance

In his seminal book the War of Art, Steven Pressfield discusses the Resistance.
The invisible force that holds us back from the thing we really want to do.
Everyday I face resistance, so I think I’m well positioned to discuss it for you.
So…Let’s Talk About Resistance…
Resistance is anything that stops you doing the thing you want to do
Not the simple job you have to do at work
No, resistance stops you from doing the difficult task you know you should do
The thing you’re called to do in that moment
Resistance is Facebook
Resistance is Instagram
Resistance is Netflix
Resistance is TV
Resistance is messaging your friend
Resistance is Xbox, Playstation, Words With Friends, Candy Crush
Resistance is sickness
Resistance is fear
Resistance is doubt
Resistance is anxiety
Resistance is apathy
Resistance is your poor diet and your lack of exercise
Resistance is your parents who tell you to get a safe job
Resistance is your parents looking down on your ideas
Resistance is your partner telling you not to worry about it
Resistance is your partner talking about security and future
Resistance is society’s expectations of you
To fall in line, stay quiet, and never amount to anything
Resistance is constant
Resistance is deadly
And resistance is stealth
So stealth, that you probably never even knew it was there
But it is
And you sometimes push back against it when you have an idea
When you dream of that thing you really want to do
When you know you could do more in life
In fact, Resistance has so many ways to overwhelm us, that there are only a few people willing to face it
And not only do they face it, but they excel because of it
Knowing they are on the right path to achieve the thing they want to do
Because Resistance is necessary
Resistance is a beacon
And resistance can be overcome
Not always, not 24/7, 365
But it can be overcome bit by bit, each day
And if we can overcome it enough hours, days, and weeks for the rest of our lives
Then we can do that thing we’ve always wanted to do
The thing that keeps popping up in the back of our minds
In our subconscious, whispering to us to fight
Fight for the thing we want to do
Fight for the thing we know we should do
Fight the Resistance

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