I’m a business owner and Strength & Conditioning Coach.

The journey to my current destination started in 2006, when suffering depression, I chose to start strength training. The physical change was the catalyst for my recovery, but little did I know my mindset was changing as I learned the lessons the gym had for me.

Trained in Mechanical Engineering, the corporate world didn’t sit well with me; it felt restrictive and repetitive, and like The Matrix, when pushed to choose the blue or the red pill, I chose the red pill, sending me down the rabbit hole and forcing me to learn about the real world and pursue my passion.

Since then, I have stepped outside the comfort zone and started my own business, learning not only about the real world, but even more about myself and my place in it.

This is a collection of my thoughts and lessons learned, inspired by everything from movies and rock n roll, to the gym, people like Zach Even-Esh, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Bilyeu and Seth Godin, to relationships, business and life. It’s not meant for everybody, but I hope I can inspire someone to strive for excellence in every aspect of their life and reach their potential.